About us

Our history originates from the land. The same land that, according to the Masais’ saying, we borrowed from our children and not inherited from our ancestors. A precious resource in an area we love, the Piana di Gioia Tauro, placed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

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From the land we create innovation

260 hectares of fields farmed to produce hay, corn and grain using modern techniques that allow us to take care of all the phases of the harvest.

The fodder produced is then used in our barns as part of personalized feed ration studied to optimize the health of the animals and the milk quality. Fattoria della piana also farms citrus trees for the production of clementine for the Italian market. Today Fattoria is the biggest farm in Reggio Calabria and one of the biggest in south of Italy and still growing. A growth that is obtained respecting the environment and turning waste into resources.

Our organic fertilizer gives back to the land all the nutritional elements that are needed to grow high quality fodder.

We also produce more energy than we consume, reducing our environmental impact.

Our photovoltaic plant powers the farm and allows us to reduce costs. We also have a biogas plant that we feed with agricultural by-products and that allow us to create biomethane.

Lastly, we also have the biggest plant-based sewage-treatment facility in south of Italy.

The electricity produced by the biogas plant, 998 kW/h, is inserted on the national grid and is enough to power 2.680 family households.


3 milions liters/year of sheep milk

3 milions liters/year of cow milk

Our main barn has 900 cows, all of Holstein Friesian or Brown Swiss breeds. In addition, we collect sheep and cow milk from 90 smaller stables.

Every year the farm transforms 3 million litres of sheep milk and 3 million litres of cow milk.

All the animals are constantly supervised, and their health monitored through an automated system that, through the animal’s movements, identifies health issues.

The milking of the animals is semi-automated, and the milk is then transported to the dairy through a system that prevents pollution from external factors.


At the heart of our farm there is our dairy, a surface of 1.700 m2 where we produce 3 types of cheese:

  • Fresh cheeses.
  • Steamed stretched cheeses.
  • Aged cow and sheep cheeses.

All types of cheese are produced using artisanal processes without any preservatives or additives. The milk used originates from the stables that are part of the cooperative and that use only natural fodder.

Every day the products of the Fattoria are delivered in Calabria and Sicily from 25 refrigerated trucks fuelled by methane and, through carrier, they reach the rest of Italy, Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and Australia.