Circular Economy

To grow while respecting the environment and seeing wastes as a resource is at the core of our corporate values.

We use renewable energy sources to produce more energy than we consume to sustain our Fattoria, reducing our environmental impact so that we can give back to our land.

The key projects that allowed us to become a circular economy are:

  • The photovoltaic plant (approximately 400kW) that powers the whole Fattoria.
  • The Biogas plant that uses agricultural by-products to produce biomethane.
  • The biggest plant-based sewage-treatment facility in south of Italy.

The green energy we produce is fed into the national grid and it powers more than 2,680 households.


Since 2013 we have been working on replacing our current trucks (powered by fossil fuels) with methane fuelled trucks. This project allowed us to further decrease the costs of our fleet and reduce our environmental impact.

Today our cheeses are delivered daily to Calabria and Sicily on 25 methane fuelled refrigerated trucks.


  • Manure from 20.000 chickens
  • Manure from 1,000 kettles
  • Whey from the production of cheese
  • Orange pulp from the production of orange juice
  • Olive pulp from the production of oil
  • By-products from the processing of local vegetables

All these by-products produced by the Fattoria, together with other agricultural wastes from other companies in the area are turned into resources and used to produce energy.

This allowed the Fattoria to create a network that eliminates waste disposal costs for the nearby companies and creates a sustainable cycle.

Waste waters from the farm are purified from a plant-based sewage-treatment system for a population equivalent of 1,667: thousands of plants purify the water making it reusable and when cut are than used in the biogas plant.