Our values

The Milk of the Fattoria is processed, straight after being milked, in our state-of-the-art dairy, located only a few meters away from our stables.

Before being processed and throughout the different phases of the production our milk and cheeses undergo rigorous quality assurance procedures that our team implemented in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Our fresh cheese – mozzarelle, fiordilatte e ricotta – are produced every day (Sunday included) in order guarantee fresh and high-quality products for our customers.

Our aged and semi-aged cheese are taken to our state-of-the-art aging cells where, with controlled temperature and humidity, the cheese evolves and experiences the changes that allow it to develop its unique characteristics.

During this period the cheese is turned and cleaned periodically by hand and following tradition.

From the fields to our stables, from the milking to the dairy, and from our dairy to your table, our mission is to guarantee the highest quality for our customers.