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100% of The Torre di Mezzo fresh High-Quality milk originates from chosen Calabrian stables. It is produced following extremely high standards and monitored from the stables throughout the entire production process. The result is a nutritious product , with a rich and full flavor that makes it unique. Available as full fat or semi-skimmed in 750ml bottle or 2,3 and 5 litres carboy.

To be consumed fresh.

WEIGHT: 750 ml - 2lt - 3LT - 5lt


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Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 g.

Energy kcal 63
Fat g 3,89
of wich saturated g 2,99
Carbohydrates g 4,50
of wich sugar g 4,50
Proteins g 3,36
Salt g 0,04
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