The biogas plant

Our biogas plant enabled our Fattoria to produce green energy and, with 998 kW/h, it is one of the biggest in the centre and south of Italy.

We created a self-sustaining ecosystem that uses agricultural wastes to produce energy: all the manure, sewage and whey are collected in two digesters where, thanks to a heating and mixing process, they go through anaerobic fermentation that allows the production of biogas, a green gas that is 55% biomethane.

The biogas is then burnt in a co-generator, an engine that produces both electric and thermic energy. The electricity produced is enough to power 2.680 family households while the thermic energy is used at our dairy to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

Through the fermentation all the agricultural by-products become a key resource to produce energy and the result following the fermentation is a perfect organic fertilizer that we then to give back to our land all the nutritional elements that are needed to grow high quality fodder for our stables.